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Veg Ignitor®

Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® will induce rapid vegetative plant growth. The natural root stimulants, enzymes, and amino acids contained within Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® present optimal resources for your plants to facilitate rapid root establishment, nutrient uptake, and robust vegetative growth. Your plants will be stronger, capable of bearing more weight, and have substantial lateral branching due to the stimulated cell activity which Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® induces.

Available in these sizes

  • Size: 1000L 1000L
  • Size: 200L 200L
  • Size: 20L 20L
  • Size: 5L 5L
  • Size: 1L 1L
  • Size: 500ml 500ml
  • Size: 250ml 250ml
Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® has a unique blend of concentrated natural root stimulants, enzymes, and amino acids that promote spontaneous root growth which increases nutrient uptake and vegetative growth. Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® effectively jump-starts your plants early development, saving you both time and money in every cycle.
Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® will unlock your plants potential by developing a large healthy root system and an improved fruit bearing structure with substantial lateral branching. Improved cell division (mitosis) stimulates rapid vegetative growth, and wider stomata openings aid photosynthesis and food production, reducing overall cycle times.
Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® helps chelate complex molecules naturally into plant available food and is also an exceptional source of macro nutrients. It strengthens cell walls, which further protects plants from pests and pathogens while increasing drought resistance as well